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WhatsHash helps you semi-automate your business workflow with CRM like features. Create customer profiles, save media & messages, send personalized quick replies, run polls, build your e-commerce store, create your business page and a lot more!
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Power-Packed Features


Quick Replies

Need to send same messages repeatedly? Quick Replies can be sent with just a click. You can also use placeholders like , etc.

Save Messages & Media

Save the text messages, photos & videos sent by customers forever on WhatsHash. Retrieve & filter them later in powerful dashboard.

Build Customer Profile

Save additional customer information like Name, Email, etc. so whenever a customer reappears, you know everything about them.


Create & apply tags to Contacts, Messages & Media. Tags are like folders, makes content manageable & helpful for generating reports.

Sales Funnel

Convert leads to customers with the help of Sales Funnel. Why buy a full-fledged CRM when you can do it with the help of WhatsApp!

Auto Sync Chat

With Auto Sync Chat, you can easily sync the conversation of any contact, group or broadcast list

Create Polls In WhatsApp

Nothing builds brand loyalty like showing your customers that you value their opinions. Use WhatsApp polls to engage with your customers and generate important marketing data that you can segment and implement into your future marketing campaigns.
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First time ever on WhatsApp!

Your Store on WhatsApp

Shopping on WhatsApp is very easy for the Customers but for Sellers, it is very unorganized & time-consuming. That's why we have made Stores in WhatsHash. We make it super easy for both sellers & buyers by adding an intermediate platform.
  • You create a store with unique link & products.
  • Customer visits the link and does the shopping.
  • When customers place the order, you get it directly on WhatsApp!
  • No emails, no hosting, no domain setup required, just a WhatsApp.

Build your Online Biz Page

With 'My Biz', create a dedicated page of your business online and put helpful information for your customers.
  • Upload your logo and set business name.
  • Create a link like: <biz-name>.whats.bz
  • Add your WhatsApp numbers to let customers contact you directly.
  • Show your WhatsHash store links to let customers place orders.

Use Cases

Operating a store on platforms like Instagram or Shopify? You can now create a store on WhatsApp and drive more sales to your business.

Easily provide live chat support without any expensive setup and huge subscription fees with the features like quick reply, customer profile, etc.

Increase customer engagement by hosting contests or campaigns and getting participation in WhatsApp. I.e. Best selfie/meme contest.

With the poll feature, you can easily ask for feedbacks from customers or employees to get to know what they think about your brand.

Advertise your WhatsApp Business number and get inquiries or leads. WhatsApp is the easiest and quickest platform to initiate conversation.

WhatsHash makes it easy to manage communities with the help of User tags & Broadcast Management System(Under development)

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