💬 Quick Replies

Quick replies are the predefined messages which you can send with just a click. No need to copy and paste everytime you need to send the same message.

To create a quick reply, you can login to your dashboard here and find "Quick Replies" menu in sidebar. Here is the little information about each fields.

  • Title: It'll be displayed when all the quick replies are listed. It is for identification purpose only.

  • Message To Send: The content to send to customers. You can write it in any language.

  • Image: You can add an optional image with message. It will be displayed in list of quick replies and you can directly drag and drop to chat.

  • URL to add: If you want to add a URL you can place it here and it will be appended at the bottom of message.

  • Add Track ID in URL: If you want track the links, you can enable it. This will append the following string in link: <link>?utm_source=wh&utm_medium=wa&utm_content=<unique_id_of_user>