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What is WhatsHash?

WhatsHash is the desktop app which extends functionalities of the official WhatsApp Web app. We’ve just wrapped the WhatsApp Web into a container which does the magic.

How does WhatsHash help my business?

WhatsApp is the easiest and most used communication app. Most of your customers would prefer to communicate via WhatsApp instead of traditional Email. But managing customers on WhatsApp for you is not easy, nor it helps you to build your customer profile.

WhatsHash works with your WhatsApp Web to add new features such as sending quick replies, saving media & messages, assigning tags and building customer profiles, etc.

What is the relation between WhatsApp and WhatsHash?

WhatsHash is a desktop app made by the team at 7Span. It is NOT an official software from WhatsApp Inc. We’re not hacking into your WhatsApp profile or messages, nor we’re exploiting official APIs.

Will you be able to send messages to contacts on behalf of me or my contact number?

No. We can not do that nor we intend to. We’re not exploiting WhatsApp. WhatsApp security is intact. We’ll save the contacts & messages which you explicitly save.

Will this work with any operating system?

Yes, WhatsHash will work with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

What languages are available?

For the time being WhatsHash supports English as its principal language. We have provision to expand its language availability in the near future. Although you can set quick replies in any languages, you want.

I have a technical problem, who do I email?

We are always ready to help you out for any technical of functional issues. Contact our customer support at yo@whatshash.com

How do I pay for the PRO plan?

You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. We will upgrade your subscription anytime when you are in your Free Plan.

Can I cancel my PRO plan subscription at any time? Can we get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your PRO plan subscription at any time.

We’ll automatically downgrade you to the Free plan at your next renewal date. Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for.

We do not offer refunds.

What is the difference in the monthly vs yearly plans?

In the yearly plans (12 Months) you have a 40% discount.

Can I use the software on several PCs?

Yes, you can use the same WhatsHash account on multiple PCs in Free/Paid Plans.

Can I use multiple WhatsApp Numbers with a single WhatsHash account?

As per the WhatsApp limitations, one WhatsApp Number can be accessed on a single PC at a time. You can use multiple WhatsApp Numbers with a single WhatsHash in multiple PCs at a time but data will be merged from multiple WhatsApp Numbers to single WhatsHash account.

Will WhatsHash works with normal and business WhatsApp account?

Yes, WhatsHash will work with your own normal or business WhatsApp number.

Can I send bulk WhatsApp messaging to my contacts with WhatsHash?

No, WhatsHash is not bulk WhatsApp message sending tool but you can create quick replies and can send same messages to multiple contacts, groups or broadcast list with a click without typing or copy-pasting. Also, as owe WhatsApp Terms, automated or bulk messages are not allowed.

How to Use WhatsApp Responsibly:

Unauthorized usage of WhatsApp:

Can I sent Automatic Message or run a BOT on my WhatsApp with WhatsHash?

No, WhatsHash will not send any automated message or not providing any BOT service on WhatsApp.

Can I send personalized texts on WhatsHash?

That’s right, you can create variables like , , and which will fetch the respective saved values of that contact and send with the quick reply.


Hello John ,

Thank you for signing up on WhatsHash. We are glad to inform you that WhatsHash is providing great service in Brazil . We sent you how to set up your first campaign with WhatsHash on your email john@john.com .

Also, we added your mobile number +559988776655 to our WhatsApp channel for future updates.

Have a nice day!

Is there a default message set on my WhatsApp when the software is closed or my PC is turned off?

No, we advise you to use WhatsApp Business App on your phone which provide to configure an automated welcome or away message on your WhatsApp.

What protocol of action exists from WhatsHash before the blocking/suspension of the phone number by WhatsApp?

All our customers send hundreds of messages daily to all their contacts, groups or broadcast lists with WhatsHash, and no one has reported any problem yet. As per the WhatsApp Terms, until you do not violate their policy your account is safe and won’t get blocked.

What guarantees does WhatsHash offer before a service cut by WhatsApp or by cessation of service from WhatsHash?

Due to the cessation of service of WhatsApp INC, we can not guarantee it but we believe and not violating WhatsApp terms so our service will run without any hurdles. With respect to the cut or blocking of the number of your WhatsApp, for misuse of your WhatsApp account, WhatsHash will not be responsible. WhatsApp built sophisticated machine learning systems to detect abusive behavior and ban suspicious accounts at registration, during messaging, and in response to user reports so any such account can be banned from WhatsApp automatically.

Is there an API offered from WhatsHash?

Yes, we are developing APIs and 3rd Party integrations like Zapier, Hubspot etc. These are under development features and will be released soon.

Is there any affiliate program to join?

Yes, of course. WhatsHash inviting and offering a good commission to all affiliates. Contact us for more details at yo@whatshash.com

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