How retail businesses can be more customer centric through WhatsApp

Imagine a one-on-one duel where the combatants are armed with similar weapons. Thus, both are equally well-equipped to defeat the other. In this scenario then, what decides who would win is in whose favor the skill differential of using the weapons lies. The world of retail is quite similar. The competition within the retail sector is immense, to say the least, and oftentimes, most retailers would be competing for selling similar products. Therefore, it is not merely what you sell as a retailer that matters, but how you sell it that makes a difference. For any retail business, one of the most important factors impacting commercial success is its customer connection. The following are the ways retail businesses could be more customer-centric through using WhatsApp.

Marketing Products

While companies have given a lot of focus on SMS marketing, there are several benefits that marketing over WhatsApp has. Firstly, compared to a standard 160-character limit for an SMS, the character-limit for a WhatsApp message is 65,536 (which in practical terms can be considered unlimited). So instead of sending a short message with a link to open, you can send a message up to the desired length while ensuring that the reader gets all the content in one place.

Secondly, while you cannot attach media files in an SMS, WhatsApp allows you to attach images, audio files, and videos. And it is common knowledge that the impact of audio-visual content is far greater than textual content.

Therefore, the effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing is bound to be far more than SMS marketing.

WhatsApp Store

The importance of having a digital store in today’s day and age cannot be emphasized enough. Brands are rushing to create e-stores which can enable their customers to have an in-store experience as also shop for products from the comfort of their homes while using their smartphones. And WhatsApp Store enables you to do exactly that. Moreover, because people tend to use WhatsApp far more than vising a brand’s e-store over their website, the impact of creating a WhatsApp Store is bound to be very high. The target customer will be able to view information about products that are being advertised in detail, and if he or she recognizes the need to purchase them, can proceed to the WhatsApp Store without having to shift between apps. Thus, there will be an increase in product sales, which is something that

Customer Support

By connecting with your customers over WhatsApp, you are opening a channel for helping resolve their grievances. This could be through providing tech support, or accepting complaints and replacement requests for malfunctioning products. Also, if a customer chooses to place an order with you, you may use WhatsApp as a means to keep them updated about the delivery status, thus helping them track their orders. It goes without saying that providing effective customer support goes a long way in building loyalty.

Gauging Customer Preferences

By using WhatsApp as a medium to request customer feedback, you would be able to effectively understand their preferences and needs on a personalized level. This information could prove to be extremely valuable in marketing products to them in future. By understanding what each of your customers’ needs and wants, and by showcasing those products that will meet those needs and wants, you will not just be able to increase sales, but will also end up ensuring that those customers stay loyal to your brand or service.

The above points showcase how retail businesses could achieve greater customer-centricity by adopting the use of WhatsApp for their brand communication with their target customers. And while customer-centricity might be an intangible aspect of company culture, it is bound to deliver tangible returns in terms of greater customer loyalty and sales growth.