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🖥 My Biz Page on WhatsHash

Connecting with your customers just got a lot easier! With the My Biz Page you will be able to create your very own business page and add your official contact number to your business in order to make it more convenient for your customers. All you need to do is follow the steps below and you will be able to create and market your business through WhatsApp and make it more convenient for your customers to contact you. You will also have an option to hide your contact info.

  • Login to your WhatsHash account.
  • Click on the My Biz tab under the Dashboard.
  • Click on “Create My Biz Page”
  • Then fill in the information and create your own page for your business!

My Biz Page is going to become the official page for your business where you can place all the helpful information about your business to your customers. You will also get a link, be able to upload a logo, allow your customers to place orders, and much more!