How to create a WhatsApp Poll?

Now you will be able to end all the meaningless arguments with a proper WhatsApp Poll courtesy of WhatsHash. We are going to help you create your very own poll and you can make it a public poll in which anyone can vote or a private poll in which the people you select can vote.

Follow the simple steps below to make your very own poll on WhatsApp!

  • Login to WhatsHash.
  • Click on the “Poll” option in the sidebar.
  • Click on “Add New” on the top right corner.
  • Fill out the details and hit save.
  • Now switch back to the WhatsApp tab and share the poll with your friends!

As soon as you click on the chats, you will have the option to share the poll in the toolbar below. You will also have the option to pin it to make it easier to share the poll with your friends and family!

You will be able to check out the results of your poll from the “Poll” tab in the settings tab. You will also have the option of making the poll “Inactive” after you think you have gathered the sufficient data.